March 30, 2014

look for less

Links to all the items> Trench coat  - Sunnies - Tee - Jeans - Bag - Boots

Links to all the items > Varisity jacket - Cardigan - Skirt - Scarf - Bag - Over knee boots

I was looking through some ''celebrity'' outfits and found myself wanting a lot of the pieces they were wearing, so I decided to do a look for less. When you're living on a student budget you don't really have the luxury of buying 3000$ bags and designer shoes, but now you don't have to, I found some really good deals for these items so check out the links!  
Pictures: Outfits - Getty images, Clothes - Online shops

hooked on your love, like a powerful drug

Jacket - Saints & Mortals / Cardigan - Macy's / Scarf - HM / Boots - Zara

Hello! Here's an ootd from a couple of days ago when me and some friends went on an spontaneous trip to a small island outside helsinki. It was a nice day! The outfit itself isn't anything special, just a comfortable ''everyday'' outfit. But still I feel like a leather jacket or some kick-ass combat boots makes any outfit a little more interesting and gives it attitude. 
Now I'm off to work, I'll post later.

Until then.. 

March 29, 2014

third time's a charm?

Hi guys! I'm back.. Once again.. I deleted all of my old posts and freshened up the design a little, so that I could start with a clean slate.
This past year has been hectic, new school, new job, new everything really.. Most of it has been really good and nice, some of it not so good. All this craziness has made it hard for me to focus on blogging, but now I'm back, and hopefully life hasn't got any shitstorms in store for me anytime soon, so that I can keep on blogging til' my heart's content.